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        1. Energy Solutions

          Sharp energy solutions business

          Sharp has 60 years of experience in the solar industry worldwide. We take pride in Sharp’s solar power systems, built to our strict quality standards and policies, to provide long-term durability and the confidence that comes with “Japan Quality.”
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          A track record of over
          60 years

          One-stop solutions provider

          We offer megawatt-scale solutions from the design to construction and operation/maintenance of power plants. Solutions are fast and flexible to adapt to a broad spectrum of project schemes.
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          solutions of EPC, IPP, O&M

          Changing together

          and clean energy for all

          We work with customers to meet society's needs by helping to provide and expand the use of clean, sustainable energy in response to initiatives such as RE100 and SDGs, and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing.
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          Solar Solution Examples

          A Vast Array of Sharp Solar Solutions

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          Global Solar Network

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          About SESJ

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