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        1. CSR / Environment

          Purchasing Procedures

          The procurement procedure is shown in the diagram below. Based on fair standards and non-discriminatory supplier selection, we are ready to enter into partnerships with new supplier applicants.

          In case you have no branch, distributor, or trade agent in Japan, Sharp Trading Corp. will act as your import agent.

          Important Points for Procurement Procedures

          Preliminary research and who to contact at Sharp

          After you have become familiar with Sharp's line of products, manufacturing location, and parts required, it is important for you to demonstrate to us the competitiveness of your product quality, price, technology, and service regarding products that you hope to sell. You are requested to contact the appropriate departments at Sharp's manufacturing plants.

          First meeting

          At the first meeting, please bring your corporate profile and your product's documentation of comparative excellence over other manufacturers in quality, specifications, performance, price, etc.

          Detailed presentation

          You will be requested to prepare for a detailed meeting with Sharp's departments in charge (engineering, quality, and purchase departments, etc.) for concrete discussion of those products which interest us.

          Offer of estimate, prototype, and schematic drawing

          You will need approval of your product's quality, price, technology, service, and future orientation. Prototype, drawing, and presentation costs will be compensated at our expense by mutual agreement.

          Information exchanged at meetings and on any other occasions must be kept confidential.

          All our evaluations will be reported back to you, regardless of product approval or otherwise.


          Mass-produced samples will be evaluated and approved only after stringent inspection to establish whether or not they meet our quality standards.

          Agreement and contract conclusion

          When all matters are agreed upon, final contracts must be concluded between you and Sharp (on basic transactions, quality assurance, etc.) prior to order placement. If you have no branch office, distributor, or trade agent in Japan, Sharp Trading Co., Ltd., will draft a contract to be concluded after both sides' rights and responsibilities are clearly defined through negotiations.

          Following conclusion of the contract, transactions and ordering will commence. A “go or stop” decision meeting will be held, however, at every phase thereafter.