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        1. CSR / Environment

          Protecting Biodiversity / Communicating with Local Communities

          Protecting Biodiversity

          Biodiversity Protection through Business and Social Action Programs

          While Sharp’s business activities impact biodiversity, the company also benefits from the resources that biodiversity provides. That is why the Sharp Group is carrying out a multifaceted approach in which it protects biodiversity through business activities and social action programs at worldwide bases.

          Based on the Sharp Group Policy on the Sustainable Support of Biodiversity, Sharp formulated the Sharp Biodiversity Initiative in fiscal 2009. The Initiative describes biodiversity in an easy-to-understand manner, and it outlines concrete measures for business activities and social action programs that take biodiversity into account.

          Sharp’s Efforts for Protecting Biodiversity

          Case Study

          Preserving Biodiversity (Tenri Plant)

          The Tenri Plant (Tenri, Nara Prefecture) is working to preserve biodiversity of the kofun (ancient burial mounds) area on its grounds. Sasayuri (Lilium japonicum) is a rare wildflower, which has diminished in number due to overdevelopment and overharvesting. It was found growing wild on the burial mounds. Sharp has been carrying out regular maintenance of the area, such as removing withered bamboo and weeds, to nurture and protect the flowers.

          Maintenance of the area where wild sasayuri grow

          Sasayuri (“bamboo lily”), a rare wildflower

          Case Study

          Overseas Biodiversity Protection Activities (SATL)

          SATL, a production subsidiary in Thailand, is protecting biodiversity in partnership with the local community. Activities to protect biodiversity and preserve the environment involve the release of artificially reared birds and the release of cultivated fish into local waterways. In fiscal 2017, approximately 20 birds and 10,000 fish were returned to nature.

          Releasing birds

          Releasing fish

          Communication with Local Communities

          Sharp is committed to communicating with local communities through plant tours, planning of and participation in events, and providing environmental education. The Mie Plant (Taki District, Mie Prefecture) and the Kameyama Plant (Kameyama, Mie Prefecture) jointly participated in the Summer Eco-Fair 2017, an environmental event organized in part by the Mie Prefecture Environmental Study Information Center, exhibiting on the theme of preservation of endangered species. In addition, the SATL production base in Thailand held environmental lectures at an aquarium for local students, where employees taught about environmental issues such as biodiversity protection.

          Joint exhibition on the preservation of endangered species

          Environmental education at an aquarium

          In fiscal 2017, the Mie Plant received an Excellence Prize in the environmental report category of the 21st Environmental Communication Awards, sponsored by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment and the Global Environmental Forum. This was the fourth consecutive year (seventh time) for the Mie Plant to receive the award.

          Award ceremony